About Us

Denise MacKinnonDenise and Ed launched their business at beautiful Harrison Hot Springs, British Columbia location back in 2004.

During this time, they had very successful businesses and worked alongside the local residents and a few key individuals.

Unfortunately they were forced to close in 2018, as Denise suffered a serious illness and this had taken a turn for the worse, which meant that Ed had to provide more support and care for her.

Denise was placed on the transplant list in 2020, but she sadly developed an infection of June 2020 which lead to her untimely passing on July 16th 2020.

Ed was understandably devastated as Denise was his “Soul mate” and they were also the very best of friends. He remembered the travels with Denise filled with laughter and fun all over the world, where they spent a lot of time finding unique and original fashions to take back to their store in Harrison Hot Springs.

The customers all loved the wonderful items they returned with and there was never a time when they didn’t have something “fashionable or magical” in their store for their wonderful customers, both locally and from afar.

Ed decided that just sitting around the house on his own, looking at the walls, was not for him. He came up with the idea to get both stores underway and in doing so, he would honor Denise and her memory by providing new and unique items to customers throughout Canada, as they did before as a team.

The name of this online store and indeed the store front based in Harrison Hot Springs, also comes from the magical relationship they shared together, as they were partners in business and in life.

There are new and existing fashions being added on a weekly basis as we ramp up, so please enjoy our online store and if you are in the area, please drop into our store in Harrison Hot Springs to experience the magic of fashion at Dee’s Magical Fashions.

In Loving Memory of Denise MacKinnon